"They (the cetaceans) have been on the planet now with brains our size or larger for 25 million years. We've only been here with our present brain size about two-tenths of a million years. So they've been here something on the order of 25 to 50 to 100 times the length of time we have.
I'd just like to talk to such ancient beings..."--JCL

"She (Margaret Howe) was teaching this particular dolphin (Peter) how to count in English. There were very interesting things that would happen. He would learn to count from one to ten. Then you'd give hime a sequence of integers, say three, four, five, and he'd give you the next one (six). And then finally he'd change the rules and you'd give him three, four, five, and he'd give you four, three, two, one,...count backwards..." --JCL

"During a session in an isolation tank, constructed over a pool where dolphins were swimming, I participated in a converstion between the dolphins. It drove me crazy, there was too much information, they communicated so fast..." --JCL

"While on the bow of a boat, I made eye contact with a passing sperm whale, who posses a brain six times the size of a human. Swimming alongside the boat, this whale zapped me for 20 minutes, communicating to me in visual pictures..."--JCL

In Coconut Grove, Stewart McVay said nonsense syllables; combinations of consonant/vowels, consonant/vowels, consonant/vowels in lists of one hundred or more in groups up to ten. Elvar would reproduce those. If Scott made a mistake and said for example, "hees-oos-rrs,....ahh....correction" and then he gave ten more, then Elvar would only give the ten after the word "correction." One day a man from Bell Labs was working with phonetically balanced words and he dropped the list. Elvar sounded, "let's go, come on let's go!!."--JCL

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