ETs from EARTH

It is common in this day and age to discuss the possiblility of other intelligences in the universe. The discussion usually then goes to questions of UFOs and alien encounters.

Most people are not aware that on our own planet exists intelligences that are at least as advanced as human--the Cetaceans.

"More advanced, but in a very different way." says JCL. Based upon the criteria used by scientists to determine intelligence, many cetacean species are indeed more advanced than humans. When one considers that these beings have had brains as developed and moreso than humans, and had them for perhaps 50 to 100 million years longer, they merit the highest regard by us.

It is Dr. Lilly's hope that humans recognize these intelligent beings and the earthsurface they inhabit. The Cetacean Nation is the Earth's oceans, which comprise 70 percent of the surface of the planet.

The senseless killing of cetaceans must cease. As intelligent beings, with a morality to respect intelligent beings, we must recognize that we are not alone on the earth. We must recognize and develop relations with the Cetacean Nation.

Searching for Evidence of Extraterrestrial Beings