Following Instructions and Going with the Flow

At the close of the 1964-1965 series of experiments and with the new laws in regard to LSD, it became very diffioult to continue LSD research in the United States. Out of the original 210 investigators there were only six left who were willing and authorized to continue the work. In the new atmosphere of suspicion, distrust, and fear, I decided not to continue the work until the atmosphere cleared. I took this intervening time to follow the instructions of the guides and to clean up the messy details of my life.

In their communications with me the guides had made it very clear that there were many unsatisfactory aspects to my life, i.e., that I had accumulated a great deal of responsibility in the form of professional colleagues, employees, family, children. Before I could progress forward and move deeper and in a more thorough fashion into these far-out spaces, it would be necessary for me to solve the problems of my planetside obligations.

The planetside obligations consisted mainly in the rather large dolphin project that I was directing. My activities consisted in doing and encouraging others to do rcsearch on the brains and communication of the bottlenosed dolphim The Karma that I had accumulatecl with respect to dolphins was a very peculiar one.

Quite early in the dolphin rcsearch, around 1955, I had realized that the dolphins have a very large brain,

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