• The Deep Self

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    Dr. John C. Lilly, who led the groundbreaking experiments in dolphin-human communication, continues to probe beyond the forbidden frontiers of the human mind. In this book he presents his remarkable theory and techniques of "iosolation therapy," showing readers how to unfold and experience new self-awareness and harmony.
    Lilly's research into the effects of total isolation on the human mind began in 1954 at the National Institute of Mental Health where he invented The Isolation Tank Method. Now after 25 years of independent work, he presents his conclusions, methods, means and results of isolation tank experience, with personal testimony by many who have tried it, including Burgess Meredith, Gregory Bateson and Jerry Rubin.


    CHAPTER ONE Physical Isolation Experience in the Tank
    CHAPTER TWO The Application of the Sciences to Floatation and Physical Isolation
    CHAPTER THREE Peace in Physical Isolation vs Sensory Deprivation
    CHAPTER FOUR The Search for Reality
    CHAFTER FIVE The Self as the Isolated Observer-Agent- Operator
    CHAPTER SIX The Domains of Reality: The Metabelief Operator
    CHAPTER SEVEN The Mind Contained in the Brain: A Cybernetic Belief System
    CHAPTER EIGHT The Mind Unlimited: The Deep Self Uncontained
    CHAPTER NINE Mental Effects of Reduction of Ordinary Levels of Physical Stimuli on Intact, Healthy Persons (1956)
    CHAPTER TEN Experiments in Solitude, in Maximum Achievable Physical Isolation with Water Suspension, of Intact Healthy Persons (1961)
    CHAPTER ELEVEN Standards for Isolation Tank Manufacture and Use
    CHAPTER TWELVE Isolation Tank Construction and Maintenance, by Steven Conger
    CHAPTER THIRTEEN Tank Logs Experiences
    CHAPTER FOURTEEN Excerpts of Published Personal Observations of the Author


    I. The Development of the "Contained Mind" Hypothesis
    II. The Contained Mind Metabelief: Definitions of Elements
    III. C.N.S. Energy Sources for Simulations and Observer/Operator with e.r. Present
    IV. Hyperstability and Physical Isolation
    V. Forcible Indoctrination (Coercive Persuasion) and Physical Isolation
    VI. A Useful Metabelief about the Internal Reality (i.r.) Program and Simulation Domain and Its Uses: Po

    "The tank eliminates the presence of these shifting physical input patterns and their changes and reduces the intensity of stimulation down to the most minimum level possible; this "reduced" environment allows one to start the meditation at the point only achievable outside the tank after some inhibitory work and some time spent doing that work. In the tank one need not do that work. Undistracted, one starts concentration immediately upon one's inner perceptions and dives deep into one's mind (when one is trained on how to do this transform)." --John C. Lilly