• The Dyadic Cyclone

    Published by Simon & Schuster, New York


    The Dyadic cyclone is the combination of two personal centres. In this book it is a male and female combination -- two rotating cyclones with their enclosed centres, one rotating to the right and the other rotating to the left. In The Dyadic Cyclone, Toni and John ask the question 'Is it possible to merge two centres, two cyclones, one male, one female, in such a way that there can be a rising, quiet centre shared by both?' In our five years together, we have sought means to achieve this between us. This book is the story of that five years insofar as we can tell it at this time.


    "In one's life there can be peculiarly appropriate chains of related events that lead to consequences that are strongly desired. After such experiences, one wonders how such a series of events developed; sometimes there is a strong feeling that some intelligence (greater than ours) directed the course along certain lines which It/He/She was/is programming. In such a series, life becomes greater than one expected, planned/programmed/realized as possible.
    The actual events (at the time of occurrence) may be experienced as negative (punishing), positive (rewarding), and/or neutral (indifferently objective); the real experiences themselves may involve pain/fear/anger, joy/delight/love, and/or a state of being of objectivity/neutrality/ dispassionate-appraisal. One's own participation in the events seems, later, somehow predicated on being taught something that one needed to know before the next events unfolded" -- John C. Lilly


    Chapter 15 - The Dolphins Revisited

    Chapter 16 - Searching for Evidence of Extraterrestrial Beings


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