• The Dolphin in History

    University of California, Los Angeles 1963

    Papers delivered by Ashley Montagu and John C. Lilly at a symposium at the Clark Library, October 13,1962

    A symposium was held at the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library to consider the background to contemporary studies of the dolphin. The presentations of Dr. Ashley Montagu and Dr. John C. Lilly were received so favorably that it was decided to make them more widely available in the present form, resulting in The Dolphin in History.

    Dr. Montagu demonstrates conclusively that had the writings of the ancients been heeded we should long since have paid proper respect to this intelligent mammal, and Dr. Lilly reinforces such classical appreciation by an account of his own astonishing observations of dolphin behavior. It is to be hoped that these two accounts will contribute to a lasting appreciation of our remarkable aquatic friend.

    "THE HISTORY of the dolphin is one of the most fascinating and instructive in the historiography and the history of ideas in the western world. Indeed, it provides one of the most illuminating examples of what has probably occurred many times in human culture--a virtually complete loss of knowledge, at least in most segments of the culture, of what was formerly well understood by generations of men. "Not in entire forgetfulness" in some regions of the world, but certainly in "a sleep and a forgetting" in the most sophisticated centers of the western world." -- Ashley Montagu