• The Scientist

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    Published by The Julian Press, Inc., New York
    Copyright 1967, 1968 by John C. Lilly, M.D.

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    The Scientist is John Lilly, M.D., pioneer in electronics, biophysics, neurophysiology, computer theory and neuroanatomy. The author of Center of the Cyclone tells the story of his astonishing discoveries -- from his early experiments mapping the brains of monkeys and communication with dolphins to his awesome breakthroughs with consciousness expanding drugs and isolation tanks. His revelations in The Scientist are the most staggering to date--they are perhaps beyond belief. But for those with the courage to explore the last frontiers--the uncharted expanses of the human mind--his latest report on the "solid state conspiracy," on communication with extraterrestrials and the imperative of dolphin/human dialog will grip the reader with its sense of cosmic vision.

    Living in the Internal Reality and the Extraterrestrial Reality

    John decided to try to live in the internal reality, continuously for an extended period, peaking into the extraterrestrial reality (e.t.r.) and contacting the network (N), staying out of the Unknown (U).

    He found, by giving himself 50 milligrams of "Vitamin K" (Ketamine) every hour on the hour, twenty hours a day, with four hours out for sleep, that he was able to maintain the schedule for three weeks. The experiment ended at three weeks as the result of an accident in the external reality.

    By the end of the first day he was able to maintain the i.r. because of the accumulated effect of the many doses that he had taken. No matter what he was doing, he could close his eyes and see colored three-dimensional motion pictures. He studied these in the darkened tank for many hours at a time. He found that they would be maintained if he sat in a bathtub in a dark bathroom. Even though his activities in the external world were restricted, the i.r. came to be present continuously, day and night.

    After each dose of 50 milligrams of "Vitamin K" every hour on the hour, he spent some time in the extraterrestrial reality. At the beginning this time was approximately twenty minutes. After the first week it had lengthened to a period of forty minutes. During the second and third weeks, he felt the extraterrestrial reality continuously, even when the internal reality and the external reality were available. The boundaries between the three realities became less definite. He found that while he was moving around in the external world, he could feel the influences of the Beings of the extraterrestrial reality (e.t.r.); any time he closed his eyes, even in bright sunlight, he could see the internal motion pictures.