While at the St. Thomas Laboratory, Dr. Lilly asked one of his assistants, Margaret Howe, to live continuously with dolphins for extended periods of time. The first period was for seven days, the second lasted for two and a half months.
Woman and Dolphin:
Margaret Howe and Peter, Pam, & Sissy Dolphins

SOUNDBYTES of Margaret and Peter




WEEK ONE June 15 to 19, 1965

WEEK TWO June 19 to 25, 1965

WEEK THREE June 27 to Ju!y 2, 1965

WEEK FOUR July 3 to 10, 1965

WEEK FIVE July 11 to 17, 1965

WEEKS SIX AND SEVEN July 17 to August 1, 1965

WEEKS EIGHT THRU TEN August 2 to August 18, 1965